Unknown Chinese drama
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Title: Unknown

Chinese Title: 關於未知的我們 / 关于未知的我们 / Kuan Yv Wei Chih Te Wo Men / Guan Yu Wei Zhi De Wo Men

Broadcast Network: Youku, YouTube

Broadcast Date: 24 February 2024

Genre: BL, Family

Director: Jiang Rui Zhi

Screenwriter: Cai Fei Qiao, Jiang Rui Zhi, Xiao Ze Wei

Producer: Pan Xin Hui, Wong Man, Zhang Ying

Executive Producer: Coen Chan, Xie Ying, Cai Fei Qiao, Man Wing, Quan Xiang Lan

Presenter: Raymond Ko, Yu Si Ying, Cai Fei Qiao, Meng Jun

Production Company: Result Entertainment

Episodes: 12

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Unknown Synopsis

Wei Qian has been the breadwinner of his family since he lost his parents at a young age. Besides providing for his biological little sister, Wei Lili, he has also adopted Wei Zhiyuan as his little brother. Wei Qian puts his life at risk and works illegally to support his siblings. Luckily, his childhood buddy, San Pang, gets him back on the right path.

As life gradually falls into place, Xiao Yuan admits that he likes Wei Qian and forcibly kisses him. Overwhelmed with anger, Wei Qian sends Xiao Yuan abroad. Yet, Wei Qian feels as if something is missing. Both of them, who are not related by blood, are no more than brothers. Or will they cross that forbidden line and end up becoming lovers?

Unknown Cast

Chris Chiu as Wei Qian
Edward Chu as Wei Qian (young)
Kurt Huang as Wei Zhiyuan (Xiao Yuan)
Juan Po Hao as Wei Zhiyuan (teen)
Max Kuo as Wei Zhiyuan (young)
Tammy Lin as Wei Lili (Xiao Bao)
Kim Jae Hoon as Tan Yu (San Pang)
Liang Zheng Qun as Xiong Dafang (Lao Xiong)
Yankee Yang as Wang Junle (Brother Le)
Sam Lin as Lin Zuyuan
Justin Chang as A Hu
Liang Xiang Hua as Feng Ning
Linda Lin as Lin Dailing
Prince Chiu as Qiu Qian

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