Good Folks Of Xiangya Mountain

Good Folks Of Xiangya Mountain
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Title: Good Folks Of Xiangya Mountain

Chinese Title: 象牙山的好人们 / Xiang Ya Shan De Hao Ren Men

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 18 March 2024

Genre: Village, Comedy, Family

Director: Meng Ling Yu

Episodes: 30

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Good Folks Of Xiangya Mountain Synopsis

Spin-off of Country Love, it revolves around the romance, marriage, career and life of the villagers in Xiangshanya Village.

The veteran was injured when he saved Dana’s father during the war, and the shrapnel left inside his brain causes him to suffer from intermittent memory loss. In order to repay the favor, Dana asked his son to take the veteran back to his old age, but due to Musheng’s negligence, the veteran was lost. All the villagers in Xiangya Mountain finally find him, and they also set up the Xiangya Mountain Helpers Group to praise the virtue of helping each other and award all of them with the title of “Good People of Xiangya Mountain.”. When the veteran’s memory was confused and he went back to the war era, the villagers acted together with him to help him recall his memory and also found his long-lost comrade so that the old man could fulfill his heart’s desire. In the process, everyone experienced their whole military career, from joining the army to resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea. Everyone grew up greatly, as if they had been soldiers. Meanwhile, it also made everyone realize that without the bloodshed of the revolutionary forefathers, there would be no peace today. So we should cherish today’s hard-won happy life and be grateful.

Good Folks Of Xiangya Mountain Cast

Main Roles

Zhao Ben Shan as Wang Dana
Wang Xiao Li as Liu Neng
Tang Jian Jun as Xie Guangkun
Liu Xiao Guang as Zhao Si

Supporting Roles

Wang De Shun as Retired soldier
Tian Wa as Wang Musheng
Guan Ting Na as Yang Xiaoyan
Ma Xin Yi as Du Xiaoshuang
Bi Chang as Wang Xiaomeng
Cai Wei Li as Wang Laoqi
Zhao Hai Yan as Zhao Jinfeng

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