Golden Trio Chinese drama
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Title: Golden Trio

Chinese Title: 老家伙 / Lao Jia Huo

Broadcast Network: Beijing TV, Jiangsu TV, iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 14 May 2024

Genre: Friendship, Family

Director: Wen De Guang

Screenwriter: Zhao Dong Ling

Producer: Yang Bei, Nie Wen

Production Company: Shandong Film & TV Media

Episodes: 36

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Golden Trio Synopsis

Xiao Changqing, Sun Qiancheng and Chen Xincheng worked hard all their lives. After retirement, they finally got together and co-founded a warm retirement community. In the community, they solved problems that elderly people faced, and in the process, they recognized their own problems and reconciled with their family and with themselves

Golden Trio Cast

Zhang Guo Li as Xiao Changqing
Wang Gang as Sun Qiancheng
Zhang Tie Lin as Chen Xincheng
Zhou Tao as Xia Mengsheng
Zhang Hao Wei as Chen Dazhi
Sun An Ke as Sun Xiaoqing
Wang Zi Jian as Xiao Lin
Liu Jia as Zhang Guirong
Mao Yi as Xiao Jian
Liu En Shang as Xiao Yue
Qu Gao Wei as Gu Ming
Li Yi Meng as Xiao Yiyi
Duo La as Xiao Tingting
Zhu Huai Xu as Mother Xiao
Zhang Bo as Yuan Yingshi
Xu Song Zi as Mother Niu
Cheng Zi as Wang Xiu Ju

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