Back to the Origin

Back to the Origin Chinese drama
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Title: Back to the Origin

Chinese Title: 时差一万公里 / Shi Cha Yi Wan Gong Li

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Family

Director: Yu Xiao Chen

Producer: Wang Rou Xuan

Episodes: 40

Back to the Origin Synopsis

Zhang Ran and Fu Yudong have lived abroad for many years. Due to the good development situation in China, they decided to return to Shanghai for development. Years of wandering in a foreign land have made them look forward to domestic life. However, the previous living habits have caused a gap between relatives.

Children who have received Western education since childhood are very resistant to their parents’ choice. The family structure of “male master outside and female master inside” has also made the couple drift apart. Cheng Man and Li Daoqi have returned to China for many years. The family adopts the form of “female master outside and male master inside”.

After giving birth to a child, Cheng Man concentrates on working in the workplace, while Li Daoqi stays at home and is responsible for daily chores such as housework and childcare. However, as the gap between the couple’s social status and economic foundation gradually widens, Li Daoqi’s sense of crisis deepens, and he vaguely feels that there is a crack in his marriage with his wife.

At the same time, Zhang Ran’s cousin Lu Xinying has been studying abroad for many years and was laid off when she first entered the workplace. Under the heavy pressure of her parents’ life in the name of love, Lu Xinying quietly returned to China without telling her parents. After going through all kinds of things, Lu Xinying reconciled with her parents and found a new direction in life, starting again with love and hope.

Back to the Origin Cast

Luo Jin as Fu Yudong
Ren Su Xi as Zhang Ran

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