Hello Mr Gu review| modern Chinese drama

Yan ZguChao as Zhou  JianQing Chen Jingke as Gu NanZhou

Hello Mr Gu wasn’t what I expected when I first saw its poster online. I didn’t even plan to it in the first place but, youtube kept suggesting it to me and I gave it a chance. After watching the first episode I was hungry for more, it was more than I expected it to be. What glued me to Hello Mr Gu is Zhou JianQing who is a college student, she is an interesting young lady and kind of reminds me of Zhao Lusi’s witty character. I also love the way she doesn’t let her background stop her from following her dreams, most would be depressed if they had a tough life like her. You have to be inspired by how she could turn a normal situation into a business idea.

Hello mr Gu

Let’s talk about Mr Gu, the man who doesn’t know how to get a lady fall in love with him. Mr Gu is a rich businessman and like most bosses he’s cold especially towards women. One thing that made me laugh till my lungs hurt is how he was proposing to Zhou JianQing. Mr Gu probably thought that Zhou JianQian would accept his proposal because he is rich, most girls would do it but not Zhou JianQing.  I can’t help but feel like Mr Gu and Zhou JianQing would have got along in the first place if Mr Gu didn’t disrespect her work.

I never been a fan of modern day Chinese dramas but this drama is just like Love is Sweet starring Bai Lu and Leo Yunxi, these two modern day dramas changed my taste. I am still watching the drama and I hope it will bring more interesting scenes as time goes by. At the moment if I were to rate the drama I’d give it 10/10 because I just can’t spend a day without watching this drama. Subscribe to our blog for more updates. Xie Xie

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