Voice of the Death

Voice of the Death Chinese drama
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Title: Voice of the Death

Chinese Title: 尸语者 / Shi Yu Zhe

Broadcast Network: LeTV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Mystery, Detective

Director: Li Bao Neng

Screenwriters: Li Xin Bang, Zheng Dong Ying

Producer: Shi Yuan Chen

Production Company: LeTV

Episodes: 24

Voice of the Death Synopsis

The story tells of Qin Ming, a corpse whisperer, who uses his experience and knowledge to understand and read different corpses, listening to the different stories they tell.

Voice of the Death Cast

Luo Yun Xi as Qin Ming
Zhou Qi Qi as Ding Lingdang
Jiang Qi Lin as Lin Tao
Wang Bai An as Yang Mei
Shi Yuan Chen as Xia Bo
Zang Jin as Wang Zheng
Wu Jin Xi as Liu Xianye
Li Shan Shan as Wei Ying

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