Zang Hai Zhuan Chinese drama
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Title: Zang Hai Zhuan

Chinese Title: 藏海传 / Zang Hai Zhuan

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Political, Adventure, Mystery

Director: Zheng Xiao Long, Cao Yi Wen

Screenwriter: Zhao Liu Yi

Producer: Zheng Xiao Long

Costume Designer: Han Guang Ren

Production Company: Youku, Quantum Entertainment, Chunyu Pictures

Episodes: 40

Zang Hai Zhuan Synopsis

Zanghai was originally the son of the Imperial Astronomer. However, when he was young, he witnessed his whole family being murdered. Deciding to set on the path of revenge, Zanghai decides to draw in his claws temporarily; and begins training his skills by learning construction and the art of war.

Ten years later, he returned to the capital with a changed face and came under the tutelage of his enemy Duke Ping Jin as his advisor. From the Lord manor to the court, from an ordinary advisor to becoming the chief minister of the imperial cabinet, Zanghai struggled in the face of treacherous political intrigues and battles; and finally got a chance to kill his enemy. However, he discovered that he had only just glimpsed a corner of the conspiracy… Facing the unknown road ahead, Zanghai teamed up with his beloved friends to overcome obstacles and uncover the conspiracy; defending their country.

Zang Hai Zhuan Cast

Main Roles

Xiao Zhan as Zanghai
Zhang Jing Yi as Xiang Antu
Zhou Qi as Zhuang Zhixing
Huang Jue as Zhuang Luyin, Duke Ping Jin

Supporting Roles

Yu Nan as Xiang Yu Su Ti
Qiao Zhen Yu as Yong Rong
Tian Xiao Jie as Shi Bingwen
Sha Bao Liang as Zhu Huaiming
Liang Chao as Gao Ming
Xing Min Shan as Cao Jingxian
Yang Yu Tong as Shi Tong’er
Shao Wen as Yang Zhen
Yang Fan as Qu Jiao
Song Yuan Fu as Guan Feng
Wallace Chung as Kuai Duo
Michelle Chen as Zhao Shangxian
Bai Bing as Liu Chu
Wang Yan Hui as King of Da Yong Kingdom
Zhang Tong as Xing Dou
Liu Chao as Zhuang Zhifu

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