Guardians Of The Lands

Guardians Of The Lands Chinese drama
While chasing a group of drug traffickers, a former agent finds himself stranded in a small town in the mountains. There, he finds an entrance to a mysterious world filled with shadows. Together with the leader of the mountain guards, they launch a strange adventure in the new world.

Xi Xia Book Of Death

Xi Xia Book Of Death Chinese drama
The story of a journey to find the key to the king's city, the jade screen. Teams in the adventure, unlock secrets about the Xixia dynasty simultaneously, with the dark forces to juggle, explore dangers on the road, and practice the ability of a suit "extreme sports

Tibetan Sea Flower

Tibetan Sea Flower Chinese drama
After Wu Xie found a painting of a young man in the post office in Medog County and returned from Nepal, his peaceful life was interrupted again by the sudden visit of Jin Wantang. He brought a scorpion-shaped pendant from the Zhang family's ancient mansion, which was closely related to Zhang Qiling in his childhood.

The Immortal Ascension

The Immortal Ascension Chinese drama
The story of Han Li, a poor and ordinary boy from a village. To let his family lead a better life, he willingly heads to Qi Xuan Sect to take their entrance exam. He was accepted by Mo Dafu, and began his journey in jianghu.

The Land Of Warriors

The Land Of Warriors Chinese drama
After the finals of the All-Continent Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Competition, Tang San said goodbye to his friends. They agreed to reunite in five years and then parted ways to embark on their paths in life. Afterwards, Tang San followed his father Tang Hao

Sword And Fairy

Sword And Fairy Chinese drama
Yue Jinchao and Yue Qi have been together in Wuyan Village for three years. They have a magical "resonance" relationship, but they know nothing about their respective life experiences. The two travel together in the world, hoping to retrieve their past memories.