Love On The Turquoise Land

Love On The Turquoise Land Chinese drama
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Title: Love On The Turquoise Land

Chinese Title: 枭起青壤 / Xiao Qi Qing Rang

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Suspense

Director: Tian Li, He Tan

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Kong Fu Pictures

Episodes: 32

Adapted from the novel Xiao Qi Qing Rang (枭起青壤) by Wei Yu

Love On The Turquoise Land Synopsis

In the ancient Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang was obsessed with immortality. He sent a mysterious army, known as the “Tangled Army”, to find the mystery of immortality. However, their whereabouts and secrets disappeared as time passed.

In the present, this mysterious story is suddenly revived. Sculptor Nie Jiu Luo is a descendant of the Tangled Army. She lives an ordinary life, but her identity makes it impossible for her to avoid entanglements with the past. At the same time, Yan Tuo, a wealthy young man, whose family is controlled by a woman named Lin Xi Rou, is looking for the truth.

When Nie Jiu Luo and Yan Tuo meet, their destinies start to interwine. They begin to explore the secrets of the Tangled Army and the truth behind Lin Xi Rou, revealing a world beyond their imagination, the secret of earth owls, mysterious powers, and immortality.

Love On The Turquoise Land Cast

Dilraba Dilmurat as Nie Jiuluo
Chen Xing Xu as Yan Tuo
Zhang Li as Lin Xirou
Pan Mei Ye as Feng Mi

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