You Are My Secret Chinese drama
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Title: You Are My Secret

Chinese Title: 私藏浪漫 / Si Cang Lang Man

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, Office

Director: Jin Xiong Hao

Screenwriter: Hao Ru, Xin Xiao Yang, Sun Meng Jie

Production Company: Mango TV

Adapted from the novel Ban Gong Shi Yin Hun (办公室隐婚) by Qing An (轻黯)

Episodes: 30

You Are My Secret Synopsis

Tu Xiaoning, the lobby manager who works on the first floor of Huayuan Building, is in the critical period of becoming a full-time employee. Ji Yuheng, a young talent working on the 17th floor of the building, is the backbone of the business.

They have a common need to get married as soon as possible, and two parallel lines arise. point of intersection. In Tu Xiaoning’s eyes, Ji Yuheng was a marriage partner who far exceeded his expectations. In Ji Yuheng’s eyes, young Tu Xiaoning was the light that once illuminated him, and marrying Tu Xiaoning was his only firm choice. Just after the two plucked up the courage to establish their marriage, Ji Yuheng suddenly became Tu Xiaoning’s boss. The pair, who were classmates ten years ago, accidentally became colleagues and newlyweds ten years later. They work together to explore the meaning of marriage and life.

You Are My Secret Cast

Zhang Jia Ning as Tu Xiaoning
Wei Zhe Ming as Ji Yuheng
Wang Zhen Er as Rao Jing
Zhou Cheng Ao as Zhao Fanggang
Dai Yun Fan as Qi Yu
Ke Ying as Ling Weiyi
Hu Ke as Mother Tu
Liu Jun as Father Tu
Xu Xiao Han as Tang Yuhui
Wang Zi Rui as Lu Sijing

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