Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong

Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong Chinese drama
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Title: Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong

Chinese Title: 侠客行不通 / Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Wuxia, Comedy

Director: Zhong Kan Xie

Screenwriter: Su Liang

Production Company: Tencent Video

Episodes: 30

Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong Synpsis

Gou Lingfeng was the son of a wealthy businessman, but he always wanted to be a hero. He went to the mountains to practice martial arts for 18 years, but was told by his master that all he had learned was the lost magic skills of the demon sect. Wandering around the world, as long as he draws a sword to help, he will be misunderstood as a bad guy. It turns out that Jianghu heroes still need official recognition for their righteous deeds. After a lot of fighting, Gou Lingfeng finally joined the “Martial Arts Association” and formed the “Tiger and Ugly Alliance” with Zhuge Heng, the son of the sword master, and the poisonous Lantana. His path as a knight seems to be failing everywhere.

Xia Ke Xing Bu Tong Cast

Xu Zhi Sheng as Gou Lingfeng
Fan Jing Yi

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