Mr. Cat In The Villa

Mr. Cat In The Villa
Qi Cheng, a cartoonist who suffers from social phobia, is like a cat living alone in a bungalow, delicate and sensitive. He longs for human contact but is afraid of getting close. To treat his illness, Qi Cheng's brother and sister encouraged him to create an inspirational food comic on the advice of a psychiatrist.

Moments Of Youth

Moments Of Youth Chinese drama
"Sick Cat" Chen Ting, a freshman at Xicheng Technical School, secretly changes his major from cooking to auto-repairing to resist his father's harsh discipline. He thus becomes acquainted with a group of friends, including "Page Boy Hao," a junior who is keen to create avant-garde fashion, and "Shark Zhen," a locomotive girl who is eager to go to Hong Kong to pursue her dream.

Men In Love

Men In Love Chinese drama
The self-disciplined and diligent magazine editor-in-chief, Ye Han, helped the clumsy and lovely physical education teacher Li Xiaoxiao resolve embarrassing crises again and again by chance, but his past experiences made it difficult

The Fragments Of Kylin

The Fragments Of Kylin Chinese drama
Three years after the war between humans and demons, the Xuanyuan family and the Mo family, two demon-hunter households, allied. Shi Si, the daughter of the Demon King, lost her memory and

My Girl

My Girl Chinese drama
Love fairy tale, fantasy is coming! The arrogant young master meets the ghostly girl. Every time they meet, it is a famous scene that is difficult to replicate.

My Battle With Marriage

My Battle With Marriage Chinese drama
The play tells the marriage story between public interest lawyer Ning Yue and her husband Hu Cheng. Locking the narrative perspective within marriage, by dismantling the emotional development in the relationship between husband and wife, it explores the current

Loving Strangers

Loving Strangers Chinese drama
Looking for the glimmer of hope, accompanying each other like a shadow. Jiang Jiaqi melted the hard glacier in Liang Zhian's heart with his warm and long-lasting protection.

Love Is Always Online

Love Is Always Online Chinese drama
ang Anlan, CEO of Shi Rui company, wants to search for the woman named Yao Yuan who saved his life when he was young. When he finds out that she plays an online game named "Sheng Shi", he then enters the game and saves her life, before proudly declaring they get married in the game.

Love And Sword 

Love And Sword Chinese drama
Fang Yi, an ordinary-looking urban otaku girl, unexpectedly fell into the world of martial arts. She thought she would start a legendary mode of gratification and revenge, but instead, Rong Shukuang, a swordsman with no martial arts skills, appeared instead.

Love For Life

Love For Life Chinese drama
Qi Shan and Zhou Zan are childhood friends since young due to the close relationship between their families. However, Zhou Zan's attitude toward marriage took a drastic change due to the his parents' divorce, and although he stays by Qi Shan's side, he was unwilling to take a further step in their relationship.