Shu Jin Ren Jia Chinese drama
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Title: Shu Jin Ren Jia

Chinese Title: 蜀锦人家 / Shu Jin Ren Jia

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Historical, Business, Romance

Director: Liu Hai Bo, Song Yang, Ben Fang

Screenwriter: Wang Hong, Zhao Mian, Xue Hui Min

Producer: Ruan Jie

Art Director: Shao Chang Yong

Costume Designer: Huang Wei

Adapted from the novel Shu Jin Ren Jia (蜀锦人家) by Zhuang Zhuang

Episodes: 40

Shu Jin Ren Jia Synopsis

As soon as “Shu Red” came out, Ji Yingying’s father died because of the secret recipe of Shu Red Silk. However, Ji Yingying has been obsessed with dyeing silk since she was a child, and her talent gradually became apparent. Zhao Xiuyuan, the son of the Zhao family, a wealthy brocade weaving family, was born with love and hatred, causing obstacles to the Ji family everywhere.

Yang Jinglan, the son of the Jinwang family, helped Ji Yingying solve the crisis on all sides. Ji Yingying’s dyeing techniques became famous in Shu, which aroused the interest of Nanzhao Bai Wang Fengze, who coveted Shu brocade skills. With Nanzhao pressing harder and harder, Yizhou is in a precarious situation. Ji Yingying puts herself in danger and takes on the responsibility of protecting a group of craftsmen. Yang Jinglan goes to Nanzhao alone and joins forces with Yingying to mediate with Nanzhao, leaving behind a good story about Shu Brocade

Shu Jin Ren Jia Cast

Tan Song Yun as Ji Yingying
Zheng Ye Cheng as Yang Jinglan
Jing Chao as Sheng Fengze
Zhang Hao Wei as Zhao Xiuyuan
Chen Xiao Yun as Wang Linglong
Wang Yi Nuo as Niu Wuniang

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