The Missing Snowflakes

The Missing Snowflakes Chinese drama
The twin girls who were substituted for marriage were transformed into princesses of herbal medicines, their medical skills covered the sky, and they married first and then fell in love with the Ice Mountain Prince

Rise From The Ashes

Rise From The Ashes Chinese drama
Cheng Xinian is a young girl who met an untimely demise in her first life. Realizing that she had been used to death after she was unexpectedly reborn, she vows to change the outcome of this new life and allies herself with Su Jingyuan, a man who has been lurking and hidden in her family to get his revenge.

Lady Revenger Returns From The Fire

Lady Revenger Returns From The Fire Chinese drama
Luo Ailian, the gentle and peaceful eldest daughter of the Luo family, lost everything overnight due to a sudden disaster and was thrown from wealth into a quagmire. After experiencing many difficulties, Luo Ailian finally experienced a narrow escape and became the

Walk With You

Walk With You Chinese drama
On the day when Su Yingying, the daughter of the loyal Chief Minister Su of the Cabinet, was married to the second prince Xie Yuheng, her family was massacred by Xie Yuheng and his troops on the grounds of the Chief Minister Su's alleged treason. Xie Yuheng thus ascended to the position of the crown prince.

Perfect Her

Perfect Her Chinese drama
Housewife Bai Li encounters a marriage change, and her souls are exchanged with the third party involved in the marriage, Ning Mochen, who is also a wealthy daughter. Bai Li was forced to get involved in the grudges of wealthy families, and used the identity of Ning Mochen to outsmart her scumbag ex-husband.

Miss Mystery

Miss Mystery Chinese drama
Xue Tong, the daughter of a wealthy family, witnessed her entire family being massacred in her childhood. Eighteen years later, Xue Tong returned to her hometown under the alias "Lin Bao’er and hatched an elaborate plan to eliminate the

Bride’s Revenge

Bride's Revenge Chinese drama
Ye Qing Lan, the only daughter of the second branch of the Ye family, was framed by the former eldest young master of the Mu family. Then she becomes an unwilling bride to wash away bad luck, which ensues in revenge. From now on,

Deadly Women

Deadly Women Chinese drama
Liang Jing, a famous anchorwoman, had a surprisingly high IQ and EQ and was rich and capable. To help her husband, Wang Hai, to start a business successfully

All Of Her

All Of Her Chinese drama
Yan Zhen married Anshi Group as a young mistress and became a widow only a year later. Her husband Chu Zejia encountered an accident on their wedding anniversary and his whereabouts are unknown. Four years later, Yan Zhen became the decisive assistant to the general manager of the group.