Xi Xia Book Of Death

Xi Xia Book Of Death Chinese drama
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Title: Xi Xia Book Of Death

Chinese Title: 西夏死书 / Xi Xia Si Shu

Also Known As: Book of Death / Xi Xia Book of Death / The Death Book of Dynasty Xi / Death is Book

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Adventure, Action, Mystery

Director: Lan Hai Han

Screenwriter: Chen Yong Xu, Zheng Quan

Episodes: 44

Xi Xia Book Of Death Synopsis

The story of a journey to find the key to the king’s city, the jade screen. Teams in the adventure, unlock secrets about the Xixia dynasty simultaneously, with the dark forces to juggle, explore dangers on the road, and practice the ability of a suit “extreme sports”. Among them, as the captain, Tang Feng is more open all the way: racing cars, rock climbing, running cool, bicycles and so on all can be called an “all-around sports boy”.

Xi Xia Book Of Death Cast

Jiro Wang as Tang Feng
Jia Qing as Liang Yuan
Dai Zu Xiong as Han Jiang
Wu Jia Ni as Ye Lian’na
Liang Jie as Xu Xinyu
Tian Lei as Song Jinyu
Wu Di Wen as Stephen
Chunyu Shan Shan as Ma Ka
Chen De Xiu as Zhao Yong

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