Breaking The Shadows

Breaking The Shadows
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Title: Breaking The Shadows

Chinese Title: 乌云之上 / Wu Yun Zhi Shang

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Crime, Suspense

Director: Hua Qing

Screenwriter: Wang Bu, Yi Ying

Production Company: Straw Bears Film

Episodes: 18

Breaking The Shadows Synopsis

Han Qing, a female police officer of the Sanhe Criminal Investigation Team, secretly continues to investigate the whereabouts of Zhong Wei, her tacit partner who has worked with her for many years, mysteriously disappeared. With the emergence of a new murder case and the addition of trainee police officer Lin Jiajia, she discovered from clues that the murder case was related to Zhong Wei’s disappearance. But in the process of handling cases, criminals are always one step ahead. They suspect that there is an “inner ghost” within the police station… After experiencing a series of criminal incidents and confusing cases, can they overcome the darkness and find the truth behind it?

Breaking The Shadows Cast

Sun Li as Han Qing
Luo Jin as Zhong Wei
Ding Guan Sen as Lin Jiajia
Li Xiao Ran as Zhou Xueman
Wang Zi Yi as Wang Xuehua
Li Hong Tao as Zhao Wenbin
Wang Zi Quan as Chen Bin
Yi Ying as Bai Xiaohui
Liu Guan Cheng as Fang Bo
Zhou Pu as Lv Jianmin
Zhai Xiao Xing as Zhang Yong
Ning Xiao Zhi as Hou Yong
Huang Man as Dong Jie

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