Second Chance Romance

Second Chance Romance Chinese drama
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Title: Second Chance Romance

Chinese Title: 亦舞之城 / Yi Wu Zhi Cheng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Director: Liu Jun Jie, Ma Wei Wei

Screenwriter: Chen Yan, Chen Shu

Episodes: 30

Second Chance Romance Synopsis

Ballet artist Tan Siting returns from the army and wants to reunite with her lover Feng Rui who was forced to separate back then. However, past misunderstandings separate the two like a natural chasm. Today, Feng Rui is alone with his children, and his life is like a deep pool of still water.

Tan Siting’s return is like a pebble that disrupts everything. Tan Siting also has a secret admirer who has been silently in love with her for ten years. This time he bravely pursues love and will never leave her. Feng Rui and Tan Siting escape each other, but the whirlpool of fate keeps enveloping them, leaving them in a dilemma between love and hate.

Second Chance Romance Cast

Wallace Chung as Feng Rui
Wang Yi Zhou as Feng Rui (young)
Qin Lan as Tan Siting
Zhang Yun Qi as Tan Siting (young)
Bai Bing as Wen Peiyan
Wang Guan Yi as Wang Zeyuan
Chen Jin as Gao Hui
Wang Zhen Er as Wang Shuhan

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