Visual Sound Chinese drama
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Title: Visual Sound

Chinese Title: 看见声音的你 / Kan Jian Sheng Yin De Ni

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Youth, Romance

Director: Zhen Yong Bo, Zhen Yong Shou

Screenwriter: Song Yong Jia, Bai Yu Ting

Producer: Wang Zhi Yong

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 24

Visual Sound Synopsis

Wei Zhen is a senior student majoring in recording engineering at East China University. He is naturally very sensitive to sound and can distinguish all the tiny sounds in the environment. As a result, he has an unusual talent for sound creation. Wei Zhen’s hearing talent has made him have different experiences from others since he was a child. When he was a child, his family was not harmonious, and his parents always quarreled behind his back with the door closed. However, Wei Zhen, who has extraordinary hearing, can hear everything clearly. At such a young age, he was very hurt, and therefore felt that what everyone said was just pretense and not worth listening to. When he grew up, he gradually realized that sound has great creative space, and also had an idol he admired. He successfully entered the recording major and quickly became a well-known genius on campus with his talent

Visual Sound Cast

Liu Chang as Wei Zhen
Sun Yi Han as Mai Jiayi
Zhang Zi Ning as Luo Yiyi
Huang Xin Chun as Lu Shiqi
Shi Zhan as Gu Yu
You Hao Ran as Mu Xiao
Li Ying Ying as Shi Xiaojin

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