Dark Night And Dawn

Dark Night And Dawn Chinese drama
In 1943, an explosion in Shanghai leads to the first showdown of skills between Lu Zheng Yang, a member of the Communist underground, and Lin Shao Bai, a policeman.

Chang Feng Po Lang

Chang Feng Po Lang Chinese drama
Set in 1928, it tells the story of Wei Ruolai and his determination to courageously pursue his strong aspirations in serving his country. He regarded Shen Tunan, a senior adviser, as his mentor when he was a low-level employee at a financial institution.

In The Name Of The Brother

In the Name of the Brother
In 1939, the Liaohe River in the northeast overflowed, and southern Manchuria suffered from disasters, leaving people starving and dying everywhere. While escaping from famine, the dying siblings Guan Xue and Guan Kai were rescued by the heroic Song Zhuowu

A Lonely Hero’s Journey

A Lonely Hero’s Journey
Gu Yizhong, a scion of the Gu family in Suzhou, returns to China after completing his studies in the Architecture Department at the University of Pennsylvania. When the war breaks out, a failed rescue mission to assist his underground party girlfriend exposes all the contacts of the Suzhou underground organization.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Pledge Of Allegiance Chinese drama
Li Wu comes from a lowly background but due to a misunderstanding, becomes a member of the Imperial Secret Police known as the Embroidered Uniform Guards. On the outside, he appears to be selfish and well-spoken, but deep down he’s honest and treasures brotherhood.

Mr. & Mrs. Chen

Mr. & Mrs. Chen Chinese drama
Set in the 1940s, former lovers Zuo Shuangtao and Chen Jiaping unexpectedly reunite and rekindle their love in a sea of spies as they pursue the same goals.

Unshakable Faith

Unshakable Faith Chinese drama
Police officer Pang Hongmei amid the many obstacles created by U.S. and Jiang spy agents, rescued Ji Danyang, a patriotic scientist who returned from the United States from the enemy spy. She accompanied Ji Danyang to Lumen City to participate in the "Water Drop Project".