Love Beyond The Gaming World

Love Beyond The Gaming World Chinese drama
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Title: Love Beyond The Gaming World

Chinese Title: 惹不起的宫主大人 / Re Bu Qi De Gong Zhu Da Ren

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 25 March 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: A Li

Episodes: 13

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Love Beyond The Gaming World Synopsis

The story of modern designer Wen Nian who was abandoned by her parents when she was a child. This was a huge blow to her. When she was a child, Wen Nian was looked down upon by her classmates because she had no parents. She was even criticized by her classmates. The ridicule caused her to once think that she was a burden to everyone, so her parents abandoned her, which caused a huge psychological burden.

After becoming an adult, Wen Nian became a designer, but unexpectedly, in a game, Wen Nian summoned the villain Si Ye, and two people with completely different personalities began to live under the same roof.

Uncomfortable with the unfamiliar environment, Si Ye forced Wen Nian to find a way to send him back and began to threaten Wen Nian, thinking that she had used illusions to bring him to this strange world. Si Ye’s appearance shocked Wen Nian, and faced the murderous adult The sexual demon can only be appeased temporarily.

The two had a series of ridiculous stories together. With Si Ye’s help, Wen Nian finally won the “Light Year” design competition. But at this time, Si Ye had a physical problem, and the fishing uncle at the beach

Love Beyond The Gaming World Cast

Xuan Hao as Si Ye
Zhang Ke Ai as Wen Nian
Wang Jia Hui as Lu Beibei
Pan Xiao Xue as Cui Weiwei
Bai Hong Tao as Bai Yu

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