Deep Lurk Chinese drama
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Title: Deep Lurk

Chinese Title: 迷局破之深潜 / Mi ju Bo Zhi Shen Qian

Broadcast Network: Jiangsu TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Period, War

Director: Liu Guo Hui, Zhao Li Jun

Screenwriter: Yang Nan Nan

Producer: Zhong Jun Yan, Gao Xin Jie

Production Company: H&R Century Pictures, Chongqing Broadcasting Group

Episodes: 50

Deep Lurk Synopsis

The story revolves around special agents fighting against the enemies during the war of Changsha.

During the Anti-Japanese War, patriotic young men Yun Hongshen and Wen Yeming, under the mist of doubts about good and evil, set up a trap and worked step by step. They put aside their family feud in the face of national hatred, set themselves as dead chess, and dug out the hidden secrets of the national army. The internal Japanese agent “Black Butler” turns the tide of the war in Changsha into a high-octane story.

Deep Lurk Cast

Cheng Yi as Yun Hongshen
Ying Er as Wen Yeming
Hou Meng Yao as Mi Lan
Zhang Tian Yang as Yun Hongqi
Sun Yi Fan as Liu Chao
Hao Ze Jia as Xu Meijia

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