When We Meet Again

When We Meet Again Chinese drama
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Title: When We Meet Again

Chinese Title: 与君重逢时 / Yu Jun Chong Feng Shi

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 25 February 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Yi Zi

Screenwriter: Peng Lin Ya

Episodes: 24

When We Meet Again Synopsis

A modern female student accidentally gets sucked into a book about the story of the vicious princess Lu Shuangshuang. Knowing the plot well, she decides to divorce Prince Mo Chengqian who hates her, and falls in love with the second male lead to save her life. But the prince couldn’t sit still, and he made repeated attacks to win the beauty’s heart. The prince chases, and the prince hides, how will the outcome of the two play out?

When We Meet Again Cast

Wu Ji Feng as Mo Chengqian
Yang Teng as Lu Shuangshuang

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