Northward Chinese drama
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Title: Northward

Chinese Title: 北上 / Bei Shang

Broadcast Network: CCTV, iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Period, Drama

Director: Yao Xiao Feng, Zhou Nan

Screenwriter: Zhao Dong Ling

Production Company: Enlightening Entertainment Pictures

Episodes: 40

Northward Synopsis

The story tells the story of young people who grew up by the canal and went from Flower Street to Beijing. After spending their innocent youth, they also experienced a positive and difficult period of going north to start a business. When glory or failure has become a thing of the past, They return to the flower street by the canal again, looking for their true selves and the meaning of life.

Northward Cast

Main Roles

Bai Lu as Xia Fenghua
Ou Hao as Xie Wanghe
Zhai Zi Lu as Shao Xingchi
Gao Zhi Ting as Zhou Haikuo
Li Wan Dan as Ma Siyi
Liu Heng Fu as Chen Rui

Supporting Roles

Tu Ling as Li Yan
Chu Shuan Zhong as Xia Maotian
Hu Jun as Xie Tiancheng
Qi Huan as Liang Haihong
Yue Yang as Shao Bingyi
Liu Min as Liu Yuling
Wang Xue Qi as Zhou Yipu
Li Nai Wen as Zhou Yanlin
Tong Lei as Luo Zhimei
Sa Ri Na as Granny Ma
Liu Wei Wei as Gu A’lian
Zhu Tie as Chen Bo

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