Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting

Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting Chinese drama
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Title: Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting

Chinese Title: 你的谎言也动听 / Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Li Hui Zhu

Screenwriter: Wu Meng Zhang, Shi Ruo Min

Producer: Shao Wen Yi

Art Director: Li Yue

Costume Designer: Wu Yu Tong

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 36

Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting Syopsis

A disaster area in southwest China welcomed a rescue medical team and volunteers, and actress Qin Fei accompanied the team. Everyone said that Qin Fei came to volunteer just for the show. However, Qin Fei worked hard and even sacrificed her life to save others in critical moments. While getting along day and night, Xing Zhizhi, the captain of the medical team, saw Qin Fei’s inner tenacity and kindness, and the two deepened their understanding of each other.

Qin Fei also discovered that she had an accident many years ago while participating in a dance competition. The young doctor who saved her life in a critical moment and rekindled her hope was Xing Zhizhi. Their fate was forged long ago. The two supported each other in life and worked hard in their careers. Xing Zhizhi once again participated in an important rescue mission, and Qin Fei regained public recognition through her hard work. Qin Fei said to Xing Zhizhi, you saved lives with your life. You promised me that you would come back safely. I believe everything you say, even lies.

Ni De Huang Yan Ye Dong Ting Cast

Chen Xing Xu as Xing Zhizhi
Zhang Yu Xi as Qin Fei
Wang Sen as Liu Yanze
Chen Hao Lan as Luo Xiaoxiao
Lin Xin Yi as Ke Feifei
Yang Bing Zhuo as Yu Zhecheng
Zhao Xiao Su as Ren Siqi
Li Mo Zhi as Ge Wu
Zhu Jia Qi as Chen Shen
Zhao Rang as Hao Jun
Wang Wei as Xing Zhizu
Xu Zi Yin as Jin Weiwei
Xu Xiao Nuo as Jin Na

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