Drama: Dongbei Transfer Student (Shi Yuanting, Huang Xiyan)

Drama: Dongbei Transfer Student (Shi Yuanting, Huang Xiyan)

Title: Dongbei Transfer Student Season 1

Chinese Title: 东北插班生第一季 / Dong Bei Cha Ban Sheng Di Yi Ji

Broadcast Website: iQIYI

Broadcast Date: September 21, 2022

Genre: Comedy, Modern, School, Youth

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 24

Director: Peng Yu

Origin: China

Source: Based on a movie of the same name


Wang Hu, a bad student from a high school in Northeast China, has come alone to a school in Macau, a city in the South. The extreme contrast brought by the cultural differences between the North and the South ignites a series of hilarious stories on campus.

Wang Hu who is mischievous and likes to butt in other people’s affairs has caused a lot of trouble for his father Wang Dahu. Wang Dahu hopes his son can grow up to become outstanding so he has decided to send his son to study in Macau, a city far away from their hometown, as a way to force Wang Hu out of his comfort zone. Wang Hu’s dad even gave him an ultimatum that he’d cut off ties should Wang Hu get in trouble again. Left with no choice, Wang Hu has come alone to a city that is very different from the Northeast. Here he meets Zhang Wenfeng who claims to be the strongest man. They wouldn’t have known each other if not for their fight. One wave rises even as the other has not calmed, a hot-blooded competition is ignited.

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