Flying Up Without Disturb

Flying Up Without Disturb Chinese drama
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Title: Flying Up Without Disturb

Chinese Title: 勿扰飞升 / Wu Rao Fei Sheng

Broadcast Network:

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Xianxia, Romance

Director: Liu Guo Hui

Screenwriter: Bi Yong

Producer: Huang Xiao Long, Deng Li Rong

Art Director: Hu Zheng Wei

Costume Designer: Xi Jing Kai

Production Company: Star 48 Culture and Media Group

Episodes: 32

Flying Up Without Disturb Synopsis

Kong Hou, a princess who has been neglected in the mortal world, accidentally entered the world of immortality by chance and started pampering the heroine for all members. From the masters and brothers to the next door, the entire immortal world dotes on the heroine, to endure hardships.

To hone her mind, Kong Hou stepped out of her comfort zone and asked to go down the mountain. She encountered a sick and weak man, Huan Zong, and he upgraded to fight monsters and roam the world of immortal cultivation. A genius in the fairy world, Kong Hou successfully turned the author back into the sect to be his son-in-law. The two also overcame their inner demons and broke through their cultivation, becoming a generation of masters.

Flying Up Without Disturb Cast

Li Hong Yi as Zhong Xi / Huan Zong
Lu Ting Yu as Kong Hou
Xu Jia Qi as Ling Bo
Zhang Zhi Hao as Lin Hu
Zu Ka Er as Jiao Tong
Guo Kang Min as Wu Chuan
Fan Xiao Dong as Tan Feng
Li Xiao Tian as Qiu Shuang
Guo Tian Qi as Jin Ling
He Yi Chen as Zhou Xiao
Wu Zhe Han as Ling Hui
Li Yu as Wang Tong
Zheng Tang Yuan as Jiu Su

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