The Dangerous Love

The Dangerous Love Chinese drama
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Title: The Dangerous Love

Chinese Title: 姑娘!别这样 / Gu Niang! Bie Zhe Yang

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 05 July 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Xiong Tao, Ding Ling

Producer: Su Ran, Wan Ning, Su Zhuo

Presenter: Su Ran, Kong Ling Bin, Yue Yun Fei, Wang Jian Gen, Liu Jing Yi

Episodes: 24

The Dangerous Love Synopsis

The dangerous love presents two independent chapters with novel characters and unique ideas to the audience in two consecutive seasons.

Season one
Xiao Nannan (played by He Lingfan), a sweet and well-behaved illegitimate daughter of a royal family, has another unknown identity: the feared bounty hunter “Seventy-two Blades”; Qiao Mu (played by Gao Jicai) is a “transparent man” of humble origins in the government office, but in fact he is smart and loves to study strange devices and old mysteries in the government office. After accidentally learning about the existence of “Seventy-two Blades”, Qiao Mu is determined to bring him to justice, and the “cat and mouse game” between him and Princess Nannan begins…

second season
Female lawyer Zhu Qixi (Liu Shutong) is the “king of lawyers” in Mo country, but she is defeated by the silent and dull constable Xu Shangyang (Li Zhehao) in the capital city of Huayang, which ruins her reputation. Xu Shangyang, who has a mysterious background and knows how to be simple, discovers that Zhu Qixi has a great connection with his life experience because of a folding fan. The subsequent pursuits make the bond between the two people deeper and deeper

The Dangerous Love Cast

Gao Ji Cai as Qiao Mu
He Ling Yao as Xiao Nannan
Liu Jing Yi as Dou Chen
Ye Hao Ran as Jiang Xiaochuan
Zhang Yi Ke as Xiao Wenyue
Jia Jin Long as Prince Xiao
Wu Hong Fu as Xie Zhiyuan
Shen Mei Qin as Hong’er

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