Scent Of Time

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Title: Scent Of Time

Chinese Title: 为有暗香来 / Wei You An Xiang Lai

Also known As: Subtle Fragrance Floating

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 13 Octobeer 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Bai Yun Mo, Guo Hao

Screenwriter: Ren Ya Nan

Producer: Yu Zheng, Jin Chuan, Yang Le, Luo Pan

Executive Producer: Liu Yan Hong, Ma Tian, Zhou Jing

Presenter: Yang Le, Meng Jun, Xie Ying, Zhang Zhi Xi

Production Company: Huanyu Film

Episodes: 30

Scent Of Time Synopsis

Hua Qian, the daughter of a prominent herbal medicine family, once made a terrible mistake due to her infatuation with Zhong Yelan, a man who didn’t love her back, leading to the downfall of her family.

When fate takes a turn, Hua Qian wakes up to find herself back on her wedding night with Zhong Yelan. After experiencing life and death, Hua Qian has a profound realization and is determined to make amends for her past mistakes. This time, she values her family and friends, no longer entangled in her past emotional ties with Zhong Ye Lan, and instead, she supports the love between Zhong Yelan and Mu Yao.

She strives to guide her misguided family members back on the right path. Throughout this journey, past mysteries gradually come to light. Hua Qian also discovers Zhong Xiwu, who has silently protected her, and meets Hua Rongzhou, who prioritizes her safety above all.

Scent Of Time Cast

Main Roles

Zhou Ye as Hua Qian (voiced by Bai Xin Zan)
Wang Xing Yue as Zhong Xiwu (voiced by Wu Tao)
Peng Chu Yue as Zhong Yelan (voiced by Sun Lang Lang)
Zhang Yi Jie as Hua Rongzhou (voiced by Shao Chen Liang)
Zhao Qing as Mu Yao (voiced by Yu Ming Lu)

Zhong Manor (Main)

Xu Fan as Elder Princess, Zhong Xiwu’s mother
Chen Zi Han as Su Wu Niang, Elder Princess’s attendant
Guo Dong Hai as Gao Yu (voiced by Li Wang Song), Zhong Xiwu’s attendant
Hu Bo Wen as Chen Yuan, Zhong Xiwu’s guard
Sun Rui as Lin Jiang, Zhong Xiwu’s guard

Zhong Yelan’s Manor

Sun Ao as Nan Feng (voiced by Zhang Zhen), Zhong Yelan’s guard
Chen Hao Wen as Ji Dong, accountant
Luo Rui as Cui Zhu, Hua Qian’s attendant
Wang Ruo Xi as Ban Xia, Hua Qian’s attendant
Zhu Ya Ting as Yin Xing, Hua Qian’s attendant

Hua Clan

Zhang Lei as Hua Wenang, butler of Zhong family. Hua Qian’s father
Liu Min as Madame Hua, Hua Qian’s mother
Xiang Xia as Hua Shen, Hua Qian’s elder brother
Ai Mi as Qian Zhi (voiced by Liu Yuan Yuan), Hua Qian’s attendant
Qian Jie as Mother Li (voiced by Zhang Yu Wei), Hua Qian’s nanny
Yin Yi Bo as Da Huang, Hua Shen’s attendant
Yang Fu Yu as Hua Man (voiced by Liu Qing), Hua Qian’s cousin
Zhang Zi Lin as Yu Zhu, Hua Man’s attendant

Mu Clan

Zhang Fan as Mu Yunping (voiced by Yan Ming), butler of Zhong family. Mu Yao’s father
Hu Qian Qian as Ling Long, Mu Yao’s maid

Other Roles

Li Yun Rui as Wu Shuomo (voiced by Cai Jie)
Sun Yi as Yun Niang (voiced by Qiu Qiu)
Peng Xiao Ran as Bai Luo
Yang Xu Wen as Xu Ming
Wang Xun as Magistrate Wang (voiced by Cai Zhuang Zhuang)
Zhao Jia Min as Meng Yifei (voiced by Cai Na)
Zhang Ming En as Jin Lin
Xu Shu Ying as Qi Ruxin (voiced by Gao Yi Xue)
Zhang Bei Bei as Wei Xian
Zhang Hao Yue as Zi Su
Xiang Xing Yu as Cang Shu
Xie Chun Yi as Song An
Kuang Xiao Tong as Shan Zhi
Song Lin as Qing Guo
Lin Ai Jia as Ya Xiang
Li Yi Ning as Wang Zhichang
Min Jian as Zhang Yong
Dong Li Wu You as Little Medicine Child
Ying Zhuang as Wu Tang
Kong Lin as Madame Bai
Shi Xiao Hong as Old Merchant Li
Hei Zi as Second Master Meng (voiced by Yang Mo)
Tian Ai as Meng Yifei’s younger sister
Ren Xi Hong as Chief Qi
Shen Xue Wei as Grandfather
Zhang Jing Jing as Merchant Li
Bai Jing Jing as Daughter-in-law Li
Zhang Wen Tao as Li Ji
Dong Chun Guang as Chief Qin

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