Xiao He Qing Qing You Dian Tian

Xiao He Qing Qing You Dian Tian Chinese drama
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Title: Xiao He Qing Qing You Dian Tian

Chinese Title: 小禾卿卿有点田 / Xiao Su Qing Qing You Dian Tian

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 10 July 2024

Genre: Farming, Romance

Director: Wang Sheng He

Episodes: 24

Xiao He Qing Qing You Dian Tian Synopsis

The play is based on the three generations of the Ji family. It tells the story of the takeaway brother Ji Xiaohe and the energetic girl Miao Qingqing who accidentally came to the 1980s and returned to the Jixiang Village where they were born.

They met Ji Xiaohe’s father Ji Rongguang when he was young. In the early 1980s, Ji Rongguang’s life was a mess. Because of his mother’s illness, he owed a large sum of money to villagers in the same village. In order to help his father pay off his debts and to transform Ji Rongguang, Ji Xiaohe took him to the town to do business. With the idea of ​​”surpassing the times”, Ji Xiaohe won every battle.

Not only did he help Ji Rongguang pay off his debts, he also successfully helped Ji Rongguang catch up with his mother Gao Daxia. Later, he helped Ji Rongguang make contributions in the process of working in the Nanfan base, and was appreciated by Mr. Li, the “father of China’s compact hybrid corn”.

Later, Ji Xiaohe helped Professor Wu, a “melon breeding expert”, solve the problem and lead the villagers on the road to wealth. By going back to the past and experiencing the feelings of his fathers for the land, he also loved the land and his fathers more.

Xiao He Qing Qing You Dian Tian Cast

Deng Chao Yuan as Ji Xiaohe
Sun Rui as Miao Qingqing
Zhang Xin Yao as Ji Rongguang
Song Rui as Gao Daxia

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