Drama Review: Lucky With You ( Johnny Huang, Claudia Wang)

Lucky With You

I was busy making updates on dramas that were premiering and that’s when Lucky With You came to my radar. I immediately watched the first episode because the synopsis was convincing, let’s go straight to the review.

First Impressions.

I want to start by saying that I have heard of Jonny Huang but it’s my first time watching his dramas (as far as I can remember). As for Claudia, I once watched Legend of the Heavenly Tear which she was the female lead but in that drama she was not a badass like in Lucky with you so it’s like watching an awesome version of Claudia. The drama had an explosive start, I thought they’d show the male lead as he makes his bossy walk to the boardroom (as they always do) but it was different. I won’t comment on the storyline because it’s not yet clear but I like the way it’s developing. All in all, it was fun watching the first episode.


A love story between a female bodyguard and former martial artist and her rich and handsome but headstrong client. While on an assignment to deliver important documents, Wu Shiyi saves Hou Zhirong in a hostage situation.  Later, in the face of inexplicable death threats,  Hou Zhirong worries for his son Hou Jue’s safety and decides to hire security.  Remembering Wu Shiyi’s calm in the middle of a crisis when she saved him, he hand-picks her to become Hou Jue’s personal bodyguard.Hou Jue is immediately resistant to the idea of a female bodyguard intruding into his life. He makes things difficult for Wu Shiyi on purpose, yet she is not the type to easily back down.

The Good.

1. Super great chemistry.

I really got touched by Hou Jue and Shiyi’s relationship. Hou Jue’s character/personality was changed by his love for Shiyi and it also had the same effect on Shiyi. It’s not usual to see a CEO like Hou Jue willing to lose everything he has just to protect Shiyi. It’s quite real, body guards are sometimes treated like trash, same thing happened to Shiyi but Hou Jue was always there to help her out or suffer with her if he fails to help out. The funny thing is… Shiyi didn’t have to say the three magic words to Hou Jue to spike up their relationship.

2. Music.

Aside from Shiyi’s bad singing, the opening song was fantastic. I didn’t listen to the closing song, I always moved to the next episode before the music starts but their playlist wasn’t bad.

3. Hou Jue stealing the show.

I don’t remember seeing Hou Jue attending a function, wedding or party without rendering a long speech about himself 😂. Claudia was one of the reasons why I watched the drama but Jonny’s Hou Jue character made me fall in love with the drama. He’s a different character, unlike those overbearing CEOs with attitudes.

4. Storyline.

I won’t say the storyline was totally flawless but I can say that it had a solid foundation and an entertaining build up.

5. A fitting title.

Lucky with you… if you look at Hou Jue’s character before and after he got along with Shiyi, you will notice that Shiyi played a huge role in Hou Jue’s life and the same things goes for Shiyi, who has also changed a little because of Hou Jue. This is not only related to the main couple but also to other couples and friends who

The bad.

1. Isn’t there something new to write about?

I’m tired of watching modern dramas with the same plot where a poor guy is forced to give up his girl to a rich man. I have watched many modern dramas and I never, never, never watched a drama where Chinese parents support the relationship of their daughter and a poor guy, they always prefer rich people. These dramas don’t promote the ” behind every successful man, there’s a woman supporting him” quote but instead it builds a stereotype of girls chasing after the riches they never worked for. The guy is rich, he has worked hard for his wealth but what about you? marriage will be the solution? I’m just referring to the way these modern dramas sends wrong signals with these old plots of making girls look like commodities that parents use to get wealthy, this is old, we need fresh plots, something unique.

2. No kiss scene?

You know, I got over the fact that Shiyi never told Hou Jue that she loves him but I can’t get over the fact that there’s no kiss scene in all 40 episodes, well… except for that cheap shot cheek kiss by Wawa. We had three or four couples in the story but none of them kissed, then they say it’s a romance drama!

3. Unnecessary return.

I don’t want to throw spoilers at your faces, I’ll keep this point short. You know that moment a so called ‘Villain’ returns but his presence drags the drama down? The same thing happened with this one, the drama was doing great, the storyline was not boring at all but then they decided to bring someone back just to bore us! It was even clear that the writers didn’t bother spending time working on a good reason to bring him back.


I actually had fun watching this drama, I laughed a lot especially whenever Hou Jue was in the scene. I totally recommend this drama to anyone including those who are hesitating, you won’t be wasting your time.



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