Hong Dou Sheng Nan Guo

Hong Dou Sheng Nan Guo Chinese drama
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Title: Hong Dou Sheng Nan Guo

Chinese Title: 红豆生南国 / Hong Dou Sheng Nan Guo

Broadcast Network: Sohu TV

Broadcast Date: 06 Jun 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Cai Jun Ai

Screenwriter: Xu Jia Man

Episodes: 24

Hong Dou Sheng Nan Guo Synopsis

The ninth princess of the Southern Kingdom, “Hongdou”, was smart and mature since childhood. She studied military tactics and strategies, hiding her talents and avoiding the limelight. Later, she ascended to the throne with thunderous means and proclaimed herself the empress.

On the night of her enthronement, Hongdou traveled to the modern era and met the big star Ye Xing. So the two tried every possible way to help Hongdou travel back to the Southern Kingdom. When Hongdou returned to the Southern Kingdom, she began to vigorously rectify the country, but she didn’t know that Ye Xing also traveled to the Southern Kingdom and became Hongdou’s “male pet”. At this point, the happy enemies began to stage the palace version of “Battle of Wits and Courage”.

Hong Dou Sheng Nan Guo Cast

Lin Si Yi as Hong Doudou
Lin Ze Hui as Ye Nanchen

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