Jia Dong Gong

Jia Dong Gong Chinese drama
The prince of Yan State, Yu Feichen, is married to Yin Nanyao, the daughter of the general who controls the country. The bride is a substitute killer who came to claim his

When We Meet Again

When We Meet Again Chinese drama
A modern female student accidentally gets sucked into a book about the story of the vicious princess Lu Shuangshuang. Knowing the plot well, she decides to divorce Prince Mo Chengqian who hates her, and falls in love with the second male lead to save her

Treasures Around

Treasures Around Chinese drama
The story of Shan Dandan, an eccentric "businessman" who wants to become a jade recommender, and Pei Shi, a playboy and second-generation jade merchant who does not do his job properly.

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Chinese drama
The play tells the various experiences of a group of Cantonese businessmen in the Qing Dynasty during the changing historical tide. During the Qing Dynasty, the Thirteenth Bank of Guangzhou was the only

The Story of Hua Zhi

The Story of Hua Zhi Chinese drama
After being in hiding for fifteen years, Hua Zhi originally thought that she could be the most qualified daughter of an aristocratic family and be stable for the rest of her life

The Princess Royal

The Princess Royal Chinese drama
Li Rong, the eldest princess of the Great Xia Dynasty, and Pei Wenxuan, the chief minister of the Xia Dynasty, dreamed of returning to the Chinese past. They turned from enemies into best friends, and best friends into lovers. They trusted each other