The Last Cook

The Last Cook Chinese drama
Set in the final years of the Qing Dynasty, the drama tells the story of Rong’er, a commoner who by chance comes upon the opportunity to serve in the palace as a lady-in-waiting.

You Are My Whole World

You Are My Whole World Chinese drama
A delicious, interesting and sweet story about Acha, a little palace maid from Xuanwu City who loves food and is quirky. When she went out of the palace to look for ingredients, she picked up the young master He Lianyu who was ambushed and was in a coma, which led to a delicious, interesting and sweet story.

Mr. Delicious Miss. Match

Mr. Delicious Miss. Match Chinese drama
Story of Ruan Tang, possesses special ability to discern any dish's recipe. She wants to become a food editor, but her father wants her to take over his restaurant and Chen Moyu, a black bellied chef.

The Wind Of Journey

The Wind Of Journey Chinese drama
It tells the story of 28-year-old Xu Youfeng from Beidiao, who returned to his hometown of Sichuan to fulfill his competitor's last wish and met Xie Guitu, the inheritor of Sichuan cuisine, an intangible cultural heritage.


Boxer Liu Yan was influenced by her chef mother since she was a child and has a high talent for gourmet food. However, due to an accident, she left the ring, bid farewell to

Sweet Trap

Sweet Trap Chinese drama
Apprentice Li Nai went undercover to help his master reclaim the prestigious Five-Star Kitchen Knife, symbolizing honor. Her sole purpose was to one day defeat the "Chef Assassin" Jiang Jie, but she ended up falling into a trap designed by Jiang Jie.

The Legend Of Taotie

The Legend Of Taotie Chinese drama
Set in the Great Liang Dynasty, the story revolves around Tian Xiang Restaurant, a famed restaurant in Wu Xia City. Shopkeeper Zhu Chengbi and accountant Chang Qing are known to be a bickering couple. They underwent many heart-pounding and earth-shaking incidents and together came up with many delicious dishes

Love Me, Love My Voice

Love me love voice Chinese drama
A university student has another identity - online she is "Sheng Sheng Man" who does music for the historical genre. Although she is still a nobody, it doesn't stop her from dreaming of the day she can collaborate