The Strange Princess

The Strange Princess Chinese drama
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Title: The Strange Princess

Chinese Title: 奇怪的公主殿下 / Qi Guai De Gong Zhu Dian Xia

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 16 May 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Liu Hai Tao

Episodes: 24

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The Strange Princess Synopsis

 King Ma Dayou of the Mountain kidnapped Princess Jiang Qian’er and was struck by lightning by mistake. They magically swapped bodies and even felt connected to each other, becoming a community of destiny.

Jiang Qian’er wanted to change her body and hold a wedding with her beloved Major General Lu Tianxing, and Ma Dayou also wanted to avenge his father. The two had to compromise with reality and work together to cope with various difficulties. King Ying conspired to rebel, and ordered people to sneak into Ma Dayou’s mountain stronghold, ignore Ma Dayou, and use the mountain stronghold as a secret place to station troops.

Jiang Qian’er wanted to find out the truth about his father’s feud for Ma Dayou, and Lu Tianxing also wanted to find evidence of Prince Ying’s rebellion for the emperor. The three of them moved into Prince Ying’s mansion for their own purposes. King Ying plotted a rebellion in advance and overthrew the court. Jiang Qian’er suddenly became homeless. Lu Tianxing was also forced by his surrendered father to marry King Ying’s daughter Jiang Kelan to show his loyalty. Jiang Qian’er, Ma Dayou and Lu Tianxing deceived each other and staged a ridiculous triangular relationship.

The Strange Princess Cast

Lu Zhao Hua as Jiang Qian’er
Yu Xuan Chen as Ma Daqing
Li Yuan as Qian Yikuang
Wang Xing Kai as Lu Tianxing
Ding Xue Feng as Prince Ying
Bu Zi Ying as Yang Hongsu

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