Life After Life

Life After Life Chinese drama
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Title: Life After Life

Chinese Title: 青幽渡 / Qing You Du

Also known As: Passer By in a Memory

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 24 May 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Chen Yue Jin

Screenwriter: Chen Yue Jin, Bian Hui, Chong Er

Producer: Wang Yi Ni

Episodes: 25

Life After Life Synopsis

Meng You, a young Lingguan from Lingyuan who has the natural ability to cry, accidentally lets Li Bugui go after he didn’t drink the Forget-Sorrow Soup, putting Lingyuan and her grandmother in a difficult situation. In order to make up for his mistake and save her grandmother’s life, Meng You volunteered to go to Qingchuan to complete the task of pouring soup.

However, Meng You, who couldn’t lift anything with his hands or shoulders, arrived in Qingchuan, only to find that Li Bugui was already the number one killer in Qingchuan, with extraordinary martial arts skills. In order to get close to Li Bugui and successfully complete the task, Meng You began a journey of throwing a tantrum and making trouble to pour soup.

Life After Life Cast

Zhang He as Li Bugui
Li Zi Xuan as Meng You
Xia Zhi Yuan as Xie Lian
Xie Xin as Shen Zhuoyue
Mei Zhen Jie as You Laishen

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