Wake Up To Fantasy

Wake Up To Fantasy Chinese drama
In a limited space, we will see how the female city owner "doesn't get confused in her heart, doesn't get trapped in emotions, and doesn't get trapped in emotions" in a dual personality crisis.

Marry Me, My Queen

Marry Me, My Queen Chinese drama
This is the story of Gu Qing Zi, the owner of County An City, who had cleverly balanced the power of the court by pretending to be a pig eating a tiger, but when General Li Yin Zhi led an army of 150,000 to return to

All I See Is You

All I See Is You Chinese drama
A modern female forensic doctor is reborn as a murderer in ancient times? Watch the guilty servant girl Mo Linlang make a shocking counterattack, use modern technology to solve strange cases,

The Gate Of Xuan Wu

The Gate Of Xuan Wu Chinese drama
A sculptor who is determined to protect a jade ornament that can overturn the fortune of the country puts up a fight against sinister forces.