Princess Deformation Meter

Princess Deformation Meter Chinese drama
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Title: Princess Deformation Meter

Chinese Title: 公主变形记 / Gong Zhu Bian Xing Ji

Broadcast Network: iQiyi, Youku

Broadcast Date: 09 April 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Li Li Ming

Producer: Qi Ning, Xu Jia Man, Tong Huai Zhou, Li Feng

Episodes: 18

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Princess Deformation Meter Synopsis

Sheng Taotao, the princess of Shengxuan Kingdom, is upright and kind in nature, but because of her various rebellious behaviors, she cannot be understood by others, which makes the emperor a headache and demotes her to his fiefdom of Qingcheng. It is a growth story for reflection.

Qingcheng was originally a prosperous and fertile land with a well-known clothing-making culture. However, as young adults gradually went out to work, leaving only the elderly and children to guard their homes, the superb clothing-making skills were gradually lost. Sheng Taotao was born with a love for beauty.

When she was demoted to a fief, she witnessed the unique clothing making skills of the elderly and determined to carry forward the clothing making skills. After Sheng Taotao’s series of actions, the imperial court issued an order for elderly care and innovated a series of elderly care practices.

It spreads the culture of respecting, caring for and caring for the elderly and the culture of filial piety, and opens up job opportunities for the elderly, stimulating their experience and craftsmanship, producing gorgeous clothing, reactivating Qingcheng’s business and trade, attracting many young people to come back to work, and making Qingqing The city prospered again.

Princess Deformation Meter Cast

Chen Zi You as Mo Li
Mao Na as Sheng Taotao

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