Mei Ren Mou Chinese drama
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Chinese Title: 美人谋 / Mei Ren Mou

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 18 May 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Xi Zi

Screenwriter: Huang Huang, Kong Cha

Adapted from the novel Mou Ni (谋逆) by Zhao Mian Mian (赵眠眠)

Episodes: 24

Mei Ren Mou Synopsis

The current Queen, Wang Yunci, is murdered. After falling into the water, she is reborn with the help of an ancient jade pendant and assumes a new identity as Princess Duan Jiang Jinli. Her birthday tragically becomes the anniversary of her death, and her brother-in-law is now her husband. Believing that Prince Duan was involved in her murder, she seeks revenge. However, as she plots against him, she repeatedly experiences his care and protection. Despite their initial distrust and hidden agendas, their relationship evolves from using each other to genuinely caring for one another. Together, they fulfill each other’s long-cherished wishes and find true love in the process.

Mei Ren Mou Cast

Yu Xuan Chen as Xiao Che
Shao Yu Qi as Jiang Jinli
Wu Jing Xin as Wang Yunci

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