Cycle Love Chinese drama
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Title: Cycle Love

Chinese Title: 循环恋爱中 / Xun Huan Lian Ai Zhong

Also known As: 问世间情为何物 / Wen Shi Jian Qing Wei He Wu

Broadcast Network: LeTV

Broadcast Date: 20 May 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Li Xin Bo, Zhang Xiao Qi

Chief Producer: Ding Xiao Nan, Zhao Lin Lin, Yuan Shi Wei, Chen Ran, Zhang Quan Hui

Production Company: Jiu Yao Yao Technology, Da Qian Pictures

Episodes: 24

Cycle Love Synopsis

The story of cartoonist Gu Wenhao who accidentally met Lu Ling, the villain in his comics, after he returned to his hometown ancient town. Lu Ling recognized him as the villain of his comics.

When Gu Wenhao got along with Lu Ling, he discovered that Lu Ling’s character was completely different from that in the comics. She was bold, open-minded and chivalrous, and she also knew many plots that he didn’t know. As the two got along, Gu Wenhao gradually fell in love with Lu Ling, but Lu Ling discovered that she was not a cartoon character but a real person from ancient times. When Gu Wenhao was about to confess to Lu Ling, Lu Ling died to save him. When Gu Wenhao woke up, he found that he had traveled back to ancient times and became the person Lu Ling said he was. But in this ancient Lu Ling But don’t know him.

Cycle Love Cast

Li Ming Yuan as Gu Wenhao / Xu Zhou
Chen Ya Xi as Lu Ling
Song Zhao Yi as Zhu Nian / Li Xiaotan
Jiang Jun Han as Huang Jinfu
Yu San as Cai Chengfeng / Li Shiqing

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