Miss Tanya

Miss Tanya Chinese drama
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Title: Miss Tanya

Chinese Title: 天涯小娘惹 / Tian Ya Xiao Niang Re

Broadcast Network: Douyin, TikTok

Broadcast Date: 18 February 2024

Genre: Suspense

Director: Guo Shi Min

Screenwriter: Boris Boo, Li Yan Qi, Chen Zi Xuan, Di Zhi Wen

Producer: Wang Yong Hui

Executive Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Production Company: G.H.Y Culture & Media

Episodes: 24

Miss Tanya Synopsis

The Nyonya “Tianya” from a hundred years ago “reappeared” due to the research of Singaporean scientists. She got acquainted with the online ride-hailing driver Ah Hong by chance and thus launched a fantasy adventure between a modern city and a century-old traditional history. Tianya only has broken memories. She vaguely remembers that she is a “Nyonya” who has the technological ability to find “guardian spirits”. There is a Chinese saying that the long-term connection between people and objects will inject emotions into the objects, and Tianya can Extract memories from old items and restore scenes also uncovered periods of history from hundreds of years ago. These stories surrounding “Nyonya” witness the continuation of Chinese culture and emotions in time and space, and they continue in the blood of contemporary Singaporean Chinese. Through the perspective of “Tianya”, we can glimpse those touching stories and touching emotions.

Miss Tanya Cast

Joyce Chu as Tian Ya
Yu Fei Fan as A Hong
Tay Ping Hui as Qi An
Lina Ng as Qi An’s mother

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