Love Trap Chinese drama
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Title: Love Trap

Chinese Title: 猎爱陷阱 / Lie Ai Xian Jing

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 15 May 2024

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Director: Luo Bo Fan, Zhang Shu Rui

Screenwriter: Luo Bo Fan, Zhang Shu Rui, Li Zhen Hua, Li Yan Ze

Episodes: 17

Love Trap Synopsis

The story of Jiang Dongsheng, Xiaobei, Chengzi, and others who fell into a criminal organization and were forced to commit fraud, and escaped after experiencing a life-and-death crisis. In the play, Chen Zhen plays Jiang Dongsheng, who was deceived into a criminal organization in order to repay debts and take care of his daughter. He is calm, calm, brave and resourceful. He not only tries his best to protect himself in desperate situations but also actively organizes and plans to escape. However, the unexpected and tragic deaths of friends and victims, as well as complications from illness, constantly tortured him, and he was once in despair. Finally, with the inspiration of his daughter and the help of volunteers, he obtained the criminal evidence and escaped from the devil’s cave.

Love Trap Cast

Chen Zhen as Jiang Dongsheng
Zhang Ke Ai as Huang Chengcheng
Han Hao Tian as Zhang Mubei
Zhang Bo Yuan as He Yiguang
Zhou Jun as Zhao Li
Chen Xing Chi as Wu Chu

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