Beneath the Undertow

Beneath the Undertow Chinese drama
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Title: Beneath the Undertow

Chinese Title: 暗潮缉凶 / An Chao Ji Xiong

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Crime

Director: Chen Zhuo

Screenwriter: Lou Xiao Peng

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 18

Beneath the Undertow Synopsis

In the once-vibrant state-owned Asahi Factory, the body of a female college student with a severed foot is accidentally found discarded in an abandoned sewage tank. The deceased is Shen Xiao Zhou, the daughter of a factory worker.

Criminal police team leader Lian Hai Ping is ordered to investigate the case. Shi Qiang Feng, a young criminal police officer who reported the case on the first day, gets accidentally assigned to Lian Hai Ping’s investigation team.

The unexpected case and investigation team starts a fateful journey between the two to hunt down the murderer. At the same time, this case also brings back an unknown past deep in Lian Hai Ping’s memory, and his new partner, Shi Qiang Feng, seems to have his own secrets. During the investigation, Lian Hai Ping finds out a mysterious force is behind the manipulation of the whole case.

A partner with a mysterious life experience, a first love who died unexpectedly, a deep-seated entrepreneur, an old factory area that is running out of business… This case connects the truth between the past and the future. The fog seems to be bright, and the undercurrent is already surging.

Beneath the Undertow Cast

Chen Jian Bin as Lian Hai Ping
Chen Ruo Xuan as Shi Qiangfeng
Yang Xi Zi as Shen Xiaozhou
Zhang Teng as Xiao Qi
Zhang Chen as Lin Zi
Qu He as Zhou Xiaonan

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