Hello! Mr. Convex

Hello! Mr. Convex Chinese drama
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Title: Hello! Mr. Convex

Chinese Title: 哈喽,凸先生 / Ha Lo, Tu Xian Sheng

Also known As: 地中海美少年 / Di Zhong Hai Mei Shao Nian / Dream Zenith High

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 22 May 2024

Genre: Music, Youth

Director: Lin Song

Screenwriter: Pan Fei Yu

Producer: Pan Fei Yu, Ge Jin Song

Executive Producer: Gao Xi Xi

Production Company: Floating Dream Pictures, Xingyi Dongfang, Huayu Shidai, Xingyi Wenhua

Episodes: 22

Hello! Mr. Convex Synopsis

Li Xipu has had a dream since he was a child, but he has been ridiculed because of his appearance. After failing in the competition, he was noticed by the producer and formed the group DZH with four other teenagers who had the same experience. As outliers, it was difficult to get ahead, and they also unintentionally offended the top leaders. The five people firmly believed and joined hands to face the challenge and finally realized their dreams.

Hello! Mr. Convex Cast

Lou Zi Bo as Te Bie Lan
Cheng Qiao Si as Te Bie Hong
Chen Ze Xin as Te Bie Lv
Wang Zi Mu as Te Bie Huang (Wang Can)

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