A Lonely Hero’s Journey

A Lonely Hero’s Journey
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Title: A Lonely Hero’s Journey

Chinese Title: 孤舟 / Gu Zhou

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Republican, Spy, War

Director: Lin Li Sheng

Screenwriter: Lin Li Sheng, Wu Ti

Producer: Jiang Wei

Production Company: iQiyi, Omnijoi Media

Episodes: 36

A Lonely Hero’s Journey Synopsis

Gu Yizhong, a scion of the Gu family in Suzhou, returns to China after completing his studies in the Architecture Department at the University of Pennsylvania. When the war breaks out, a failed rescue mission to assist his underground party girlfriend exposes all the contacts of the Suzhou underground organization.

Falsely framed and accused by the Japanese collaborators, Gu Yizhong is mistaken for a traitor within the party. Unable to prove his innocence, he takes the initiative to infiltrate the Japanese collaborators and eventually becomes an undercover agent in the Suzhou special operations station of the Communist Party.

Under immense pressure, Gu Yizhong confronts the station chief Zhou Zhifei, and the Japanese advisor Kondo Tatsuo in a battle of wits. He seizes the opportunity to uncover the true traitor within the party, known as the “Black Eight,” and eliminates the threat. Continuously collecting secret intelligence for the Communist Party and saving fellow comrades in peril, Gu Yizhong provides significant support and assistance to the anti-Japanese cause of the Suzhou underground organization. With unwavering faith and courage, he grows constantly in the midst of struggle.

A Lonely Hero’s Journey Cast

Main Roles

Zeng Shun Xi as Gu Yizhong
Zhang Song Wen as Zhou Zhifei
Chen Du Ling as Zhang Haimo
Wang Yu Wen as Xiao Ruotong

Supporting Roles

Zhang Feng Yi as Gu Xixing
Zhou Yi Wei as Mr. Li
Zhang Ning Jiang as Zhou Zhenwu
Yin Xiao Tian as Hu Zhiping
Ye Qing as Gu Huizhong
Zhao Bin as Luo Wuqiang
Zhang Yao as Mrs. Weng
Hu Ya Jie as Jiang Boxian
Xia Ming Hao as Fu Gui
Zhao Yi as Wang Mingzhong
Zhang Ning Jiang as Zhou Zhenwu
Zhang Jing Jing as Ji Yuqing
Hideo Nakaizumi as Toshio Kondo
Dai Wen Bo as Gao Hu
Chang Di as Lian Jinhai
Sun Bin as Zhang Jieping
Ren Long as Huang Xinzhai
Cai Xin as Xiao Junxia
Zhang Lu Ning as Huang Qiushou
Zhang Chong as Lu Zheng

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