Double Assassin Chinese drama
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Title: Double Assassin

Chinese Title: 双身刺客 / Shuang Shen Ci Ke

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 16 June 2023

Genre: Romance

Directors: Li Jun Wu, Zhang Lin Han

Screenwriter: Zhang Lin Han

Episodes: 18

Double Assassin Synopsis

Lan Xiaoyu, a girl from the capital with an ordinary appearance, is always forced to go on blind dates by Zhima Guan’s father, but she has always been secretly in love with Wei Qing, the most beautiful prince in the capital. An accident caused her to exchange souls with Chi Jingyu, the top assassin of the Qingluan Society.

Lan Xiaoyu became a peerless master of martial arts and secretly sneaked into the Qingluan Society to investigate an assassination case in place of Chi Jingyu. At this time, the prince was choosing a concubine in the capital. Chi Jingyu, a daughter, was forced to agree to Lan Xiaoyu’s participation in the competition and won the prince’s favor by mistake along the way.

Just the night before her wedding to the prince, their bodies unexpectedly switched back again. Lan Xiaoyu was finally able to be with the prince as she wished, but she felt unspeakable loss. At the wedding ceremony, Lan Xiaoyu discovered the key person in the murder case and learned that Chi Jingyu was in danger at this time. Lan Xiaoyu must make a choice between the life he once dreamed of and Chi Jingyu.

Double Assassin Cast

Wang Xing Wei as Chi Jingyu
Liu Wei Ting as Lan Xiaoyu
Ou Jing Xiao as Prince Wei Qing
Yan Lei as Princess Xiu Yu
Zhou Wei Wei as Li Xiaoxiao
Zhang Hao Ge as Lan Yong Fu

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