An He Zhuan

An He Zhuan Chinese drama
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Title: The Dark River

Chinese Title: 暗河传 / An He Zhuan

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Wuxia

Director: Yin Tao

Screenwriter: Zhou Mu Nan, Mu Jing Wen

Production Company: Youku, You Ke Neng Ying Ye (有可能影业), Sheng Ge Ying Shi (盛阁影视)

Adapted from the Novel An He Zhuan (暗河传) by Zhou Mu Nan

Episodes: 40

An He Zhuan Synopsis

“The Dark River” is the most mysterious assassin organization in the martial arts world, consisting of the Su, Xie, and Mu families, with the leaders of the three families collectively referred to as the Grand Elders.

The Grand Elders are currently in critical condition due to a strange poison, putting their lives at risk. Upon hearing this news, the forces of the three families within the Dark River seize the opportunity to launch a rebellion. Su Muyu, the leader of the Grand Elder’s guard unit, Spider Shadow, seeks the help of the divine healer Bai Hehuai from the Medicine King Valley to treat the Grand Elders while also fending off attacks from assassins sent by the other families to protect the Grand Elders.

An He Zhuan Cast

Main Roles

Gong Jun as Su Muyu
Peng Xiao Ran as Mu Yumo
Chang Hua Sen as Su Changhe
Yang Yu Tong as Bai Hehuai
Kong Xue Er as Mu Xuewei
Zhang Shi An as Tang Lianyue

Supporting Roles

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