Abyss Dweller

Abyss Dweller Chinese drama
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Title: Abyss Dweller

Chinese Title: 潜渊 / Qian Yuan

Broadcast network: Hunan TV, Mango TV, Tencent

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Spy

Director: Wang Yi Wei

Screenwriter: Yuan Shuai

Production Designer: Mao Wei Ning


Abyss Dweller Synopsis

The story of the male protagonist Gong Liangshuo who “lost his memory” during a “loyalty test” mission conducted by the Japanese during the isolated island period and fell into danger. In order to regain his identity, he went into the dangerous place alone, and was exhausted by the Japanese, No. 76, and the Military Control Commission. Later, with the help of the Communist Party, he regained his identity and rekindled his faith. Together with his comrades, he smashed the huge conspiracy of the Japanese.

Abyss Dweller Cast

Huang Xiao Ming as Liang Shuo
Zhang Jia Ning as Xie Nianci

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