Marry Me, My Evil Lord Chinese drama
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Title: Marry Me, My Evil Lord

Chinese Title: 亲爱的司丞大人 / Qin Ai De Si Cheng Da Ren

Also known As: Hi Honey

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 28 February 2024

Genre: Historical, Investigation, Romance

Director: Lan Xin

Screenwriter: Qing Shan Yu

Producer: Xiong Yu Lan

Episodes: 20

Marry Me, My Evil Lord Synopsis

Mei Shiqi, a junior guard in the Yu Chaoyin Health Department, longs for a promotion and an increase in salary to achieve freedom in marriage. During the investigation, she encountered the sinister Inspector Sicheng Leng Moyan.

The two suspected each other and restricted each other when investigating the case, causing a lot of ups and downs and thrilling oolongs. After encountering many life-and-death situations and supporting each other, they gradually began to trust each other. The two worked together sincerely to track down the real culprit of the crime that endangered national security and the safety of the country.

During the battle of wits and courage with the mastermind behind the scenes, the two fell in love and killed each other, and finally determined that the other person was the love of their lives. The two are in different classes and have different secrets and missions. However, in the face of the life decisions of punishing rape and eradicating evil, and making major right and wrong, they can highly integrate their happiness with national security and social security, and they show an admirable performance. Wisdom, courage, responsibility, and other noble qualities of outstanding young people

Marry Me, My Evil Lord Cast

Ma Hao Dong as Leng Moyan
Wang Xin Ting as Mei Shiqi
Su Zhen Hua as Shi Jianchuan
Liu Run Ming as Shen Gu Xiu Yi
Wang Jia Ru as Prince Jing
Bo Cheng Jun as Zhen Shisan

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