Kill You Love You

Kill You Love You Chinese drama
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Title: Kill You Love You

Chinese Title: 奉旨宠君 / Feng Zhi Chong Jun

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 16 August 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy

Director: Liu Chun

Screenwriter: Meng Yi Jia

Episodes: 20

Kill You Love You Synopsis

Su Xianling is a novice assassin with zero experience and one day she snatches an order from her fellow clan to assassinate the current lord of the city, Dongfang Jing. With murderous intentions abounding throughout the palace, Dongfang Jing has no choice but to disguise himself as a clueless idiot in order to come across as non-threatening to those hungering for power. In reality, he is brave and resourceful, guarded and wary, until he finds himself opening up to and falling in love with the sweet Su Xianling.

Kill You Love You Cast

Zhu Li Lan as Su Xianling
Li Ruo Tian as Dongfang Jing
Tang Shu Ya as Dongfang Yi
Han Chu Ge as Nan Yan’er
Mou Feng Bin as Old Castellean
Yan Jia Ying as Lin Mengyue, Empress Dowager

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