Sweet Trap

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Title: Sweet Trap

Chinese Title: 甜甜的陷阱 / Tian Tian De Xian Jing

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 29 January 2024

Genre: Romance, Food

Director: Deng Zhan Neng

Screenwriter: Gao Si Wei, Xi Lan

Producer: Gu Hao

Episodes: 24

Sweet Trap Synopsis

Apprentice Li Nai went undercover to help his master reclaim the prestigious Five-Star Kitchen Knife, symbolizing honor. Her sole purpose was to one day defeat the “Chef Assassin” Jiang Jie, but she ended up falling into a trap designed by Jiang Jie. This drama is set against the backdrop of traditional Chinese cuisine, where a culinary novice and the “Knife-Stealing Assassin” in the culinary world embark on a battle of wits and skills, creating a sweet and bitter rivalry on their culinary journey.

Sweet Trap Cast

Xie Bin Bin as Jiang Jie
Zhang Miao Yi as Li Nai
Tian Xu Ning as Cui Can
Peng Ya Qi as Jiang Xiu
Xu Yang Hao as Jiang Xuyang
Li Shu Man as Zhu Hao
Xie Xin as Zhao Jingjing
Ye Xiao Qiu as Song Duo
Yang Min Yong as Zheng Fangtong
Shi Chao as Ge Qunshan

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